Venture Capital & Project Funding

TGG Investment acts as a “Co-Founder/Seed Partner” in helping innovation to succeed across all sectors in India. We have a proven track record helping companies become leaders in their respective sectors.

Land & Property Acquisition

TGG Investment will assist in the essential land & property acquisition required to start your social enterprise. Our team of specialists will conduct thorough research on the requirements for your business and use their expertise and network to navigate property guidelines and acquire the right facilities at the best market price.

Start Up support

We know that the first year of operation is fundamental for the survival of any start-up; a well organised launch can ensure greater prosperity. TGG Investment can help in the following for Social Enterprise start-ups:

Consultancy for sustainable business plan

One stop solution for e-business applications

Business Identity & Incorporation assistance

Accounting & communication back-up

Hand holding support till operational breakeven